The First Day

This is the first "official" blog entry from me on the site. I suppose that this is a sign that I actually am present in the 21st Century and not just visiting. Chiropractic was born in the 19th century and developed in the 20th, but I am certain that it and I will find an great expansion in this one.

What does it mean to be the "first" day? Well, we have lots of firsts in our lives...I can remember my first day of kindergarten, of high school, of Palmer Chiropractic College. I can remember my first day in the clinic caring for patients. I can remember my first days as a mother, as a wife, as a step-mother and a mother-in-law. I remember my first day of teaching. I also remember the first day I had no mother or father. Each first is important whether it is a sad first or a happy first or just a "first first". I see each of the firsts I mention here as opportunities to expand one's life -- one's horizons -- one's being.

I hope that you see your first day under Chiropractic care as your opportunity to expand your life, your health, and your relationship to others. I hope that this first blog and the others to come will offer you the opportunity to expand your understanding of how truly marvelous we all are!

All the best wishes for you and your health on this first day and everyday!
Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C.