Supplements for Health

Exclusive Healthcare Professional Supplements available for Patients

New regulations enacted in the Chiropractic Scope Law have made it easier to provide a service to our patients who are in need of quality supplements. Though there may be some good over the counter supplements for general needs, there is a tremendous range of quality that makes it difficult to make the most of your healthcare regimen. So, here in Dr. Mania's office, we have begun to work with some supplement companies that are exclusively available through healthcare professionals like chiropractors, medical doctors, dentists and nutritionists. Reliable companies like Standard Process, Pure Encapsulations and DeeCee Labs use only the best ingredients and are well known to provide good service and excellent quality assurance.

Especially since so many of you are striving to achieve the optimum level of health possible, we are extending a 10% courtesy discount to those patients who choose to order these supplements through our office. Your nutritionist, chiropractor, medical doctor or dentist can recommend and order these supplements for you as part of your treatment or health regimen. We can send an order anyday for quick delivery for those patients who have been evaluated and show a need. Call (201) 525-0707, ask Dr. Mania for more information. We are always happy to help!